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Our hope is that the research outcomes of this project, in the form of published papers, video and photo documentation, and prototypes, can be put into practice by community and advocacy groups, museums, and informal learning organizations.

  As a research project we hope to contribute most directly to the fields of participatory design and informal learning. In addition to providing instrumental knowledge, we believe the Neighborhood Networks project will prompt new perspectives on the field of design, specifically providing case material for discussions of critical and community-oriented design practices.

Research Objectives
•   Ethnographic descriptions of the process of technology engagement and use at the community level in the context of activism, advocacy, and identity expression

•  Invention, documentation, and evaluation of participatory design methods and support materials for use with communities in the context of activism, advocacy, and identity expression

Research Themes
•   Design and The Construction of Publics

•   Fostering Critical Engagements with Technology and Place

•  Developing Technological Fluency

As we publish our research, we will post it here.