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Neighborhood Networks is a research project that uses community arts and participatory design to provide opportunities for the creative exploration and application of sensing and robotics technologies to neighborhood issues.


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September 15, 2008
We completed phase 1 of our 2008 project with the Heritage Health Foundation in Braddock. Participants developed participatory sensing and community robotics devices and services to address concerns about 3 issues: 1) air pollution in the neighborhood, 2) the repainting of the Rankin Bridge and, 3) traffic safety. The concepts and prototypes they developed were put on display at the Braddock and Rankin community days (August 9 and 16). Next step: develop these ideas into full-fledged programs run through neighborhood organizations and seek funding support.


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Lawrenceville, Summer 2007 Project Page

Summer 07 Documentation (pdf) Ayca Akin

Braddock, Fall/Winter 2007 Project Page

Braddock, Summer 2008 Rankin Bridge Blog

Braddock, Summer 2008 Air Quality Blog

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